Paul Harrison – Greenfoot Global top leader interview

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Paul HarrisonPaul Harrison is an MLM leader who lives in Liverpool, UK. He has over 17 years experience at both field leader and management level and has built teams in over 100 countries around the globe.
Paul has helped thousands of people with his easy to understand and easy to implement training and enjoys travelling the world supporting his team and speaking at events.
Paul had personally made over $1,000,000 in income and his teams have generated tens of millions of dollars in sales revenues helping to change lives globally

MLM News: Please, share with us your story. How did you discover network marketing? What was the most interesting point for you, the one that attracted you in this industry?

Paul Harrison: My friends father introduced me to MLM at a time when I was really tired working for a bank where I had worked for over ten years. Initially, the products and the leaders attracted me, I really fell in love with the lifestyle stories I was hearing and how this was an industry where people where changing lives.

At the beginning, I did not really understand the industry; to be honest I thought you just sold the products to as many people as you can.

MLM News: The beginning is difficult for any business. What helped you most during your first stages in MLM?

Paul Harrison: I was a great retailer, so initially I made some good income selling product, but when I left the bank my customer base disappeared and before long so did my income.

I was introduced to a leader who was many levels above me, who must have recognized potential in me, and who became my mentor. He really got me to initially understand this business/industry, then helped me change my own thinking and beliefs, and then helped me to get into action and start experiencing real results.

As my skills improved and as my knowledge increased – my life changed.

MLM News: We have seen many pictures of your family on your website. Is your family the engine, your motivation, of your network marketing business?

Paul Harrison: Yes, absolutely.

When I first started, if I could have made exactly the same income in my home business as I did in the bank I would have been happy, because at least I wasn’t working in the bank anymore.

But as my skills and results changed so too did my goals.

Now I understand that you can make as much money in two or three years as most people do in a lifetime, if you get your business into momentum. Most people think about money, or an amount of money but what is important is what the money can do.

To think my efforts make a better life for my parents, partner, kids and family is a really comforting feeling and is what drives me to succeed.

MLM News: Why Greenfoot Global? How have you discovered Greenfoot Global? What is the most exciting thing about this opportunity?

Paul Harrison: I worked with the owners of Greenfoot Global in another company seven years before I joined Greenfoot Global. This was also a company that marketed a combustion chamber catalyst and this is where I had enjoyed amazing success. In fact, the company asked me to become their Sales Director for Europe & Eurasia and sales grew almost 100% in under three years.

When I understood Greenfoot had a better version of the catalyst and a compensation plan that was almost twice as good – the decision to join was made very easy.

MLM News: Greenfoot Global is a young company. Do you know the number of GFG distributors in Europe?

Paul Harrison: GFG is indeed a young and small company when compared to some of the global names, but this is what attracted me to join. As an established leader I would never join a “start up” business as too many of them fail, however when I joined GFG it was three years old, so it was established but had only been in North America – so the market opportunity in Europe and Eurasia was brand new.

MLM News: You visited Romania last autumn. What impressed you most here? What can you tell us about your Romanian team?

Paul Harrison: I really enjoyed my trip to Romania in November. The event was very professional, the people warm and friendly and very willing to learn. Having travelled to many countries previously I like to think I know when things are going to happen.

When I return to Romiania in March I hope to see a major increase in people in our team and guests at our events. This will tell me how successful the first trip was.

MLM News: You have built teams in over 100 countries. What other Greenfoot Global markets are you interested in and what is your strategy for developing a team in a new market?

Paul Harrison: Russia is my main market right now with over 10,000 distributors in my team. As a result my focus is on supporting this team and ensuring things are in place to ensure the growth curve continues to be high. This includes creating world class, tools, systems and trainings and helping develop leaders in the region who work independently on a daily basis.

In other markets I have a team starting to emerge in Africa and obviously in Romania. In MLM you do not necessarily have a strategy to enter a market, instead you wait for leaders to emerge then you go in and support what they are doing and assist them with what they need.

MLM News: You have a lot of experience. What is the most common reason people say ”No” to network marketing?

Paul Harrison: Most of the time, people do not say no to the business. They do not watch a presentation, get all the information and then say no.

In most cases people say no to the invite to look at the business. This means they are not saying no to the business they are saying no to YOU. Until you learn and develop your invitation skills you will struggle in this profession.

MLM News: Could  you give a short formula for success in network marketing?

Paul Harrison: People often ask for the secret formula. If there was one I would tell everyone in my team because that would make me even more successful. But people still ask, so I created my own formula:

Invitations + presentations = new distributors

If you want new distributors you have to do presentations. If you want to do presentations you have to do invitations. So invitations, plus presentations equals more new distributors.

MLM News: Network marketing is also called “no friends business” and many people say they better find another financial solution than lose their lifetime friends. What do you think? Does network marketing affect people relationships or even their position in society?

Paul Harrison: No, absolutely not. As long as you tell the truth, you do not make things sound too easy and you work with the people you enroll then you have done what you can. I have made a 7 figure income in this industry so I believe it is my duty to at least inform my friends and family of the opportunity – what they do with that information is up to them.

MLM News: Do you have a message for our website – – community?

Paul Harrison: Yes, look our Romania, we are coming, we have an amazing product, an amazing compensation plan, and amazing team and amazing leaders. 2014 will be our year in Romania and we will change many peoples lives for the better.
Do not let this opportunity pass you by.

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