Interview with Stavros Zinonos, WorldVentures International Marketing Director

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stavrosStavros and Katerina Zinonos are from Limassol, Cyprus. Stavros used to be the owner of a car dealership company and Katerina a private employee at a Shipping Company. Together they managed in 21 months to reach the rank of International Marketing Directors, the highest rank of WorldVentures company, and break the European record in becoming an IMD. Here you have an interview with Stavros Zinonos, WorldVentures leader.

MLM News: You are so young! What is like to be a billionaire club member in your 20’s? 🙂 Do you have many young people in your team?

Stavros Zinonos: At the beginning only the thought to be a millionaire used to make me feel unstoppable and perfect, but during the process I realize that money is just an important part of the whole journey , of course is something important but not the whole journey. In our team we have people from all the ages, we have success stories from 20 years old until 65 years old.

MLM News: How and when did you get involved in network marketing? Tell us your story.

Stavros Zinonos:  I got involved in network marketing before 3 years when my wife called me and invited me home to watch a presentation for a network marketing company. At first I like the idea of the product of the company, but I didn’t believe that the business opportunity was for me, although I told to my wife to get involved and that is not for me. After some days she had her first results and then I started making questions and try to find out how it works, 30 days later we hit the first rank of residual income and that was the beginning.

MLM News: What is WorldVentures bringing new in this industry? Why WorldVentures?

Stavros Zinonos:  The main difference between WorldVentures and everything else I have seen is the culture that the company create. First of all because of the product you don’t have to be a good salesman to do this, or you don’t have to be a salesman at all because we are in a sorting business and not in a selling business. Also the product is so powerful that everyone love it and when someone watch the presentation his first opinion is 9/10 times positive about our product. Everyone need it.

MLM News: What gave you the confidence that such a huge network of people could be built up (and so quickly)? What conviction helped you in this rapid career ascension – IMD in 21 months? How many people do you have in your downline?

Stavros Zinonos: My biggest why is my life and the lives of the people that can be influenced from my success. When I realized that I can change my life by only taking some decisions, I did it in some seconds. Change and success is not something that needs time, but people around you need time to see and realize it. I became IMD (International Marketing Director) in some seconds but people saw that after 21 months. It was more difficult to believe it , and much more easier to do it. What helped me? The successful stories of other people were proving to me that anything can happen , if you are going to make it happen.

MLM News: What is your succes formula? What contributed most in your success?

Stavros Zinonos: My successful formula is being always excited with my (job),   love what I am doing,  pay attention to the people that the have what I want, and finish everything that I start.  During the proccess you have to  give time for knowledge, more time for action, and believe to what you are doing and to yourself.

MLM News: What is your answer for this objection: Thank you, but I do not believe in network marketing!

Stavros Zinonos: I can feel you because I was in the same situation with you but If  I can prove to you that you are doing network marketing every single day of your life without getting paid, and then I am going to show you a way to do exactly the same things that you are doing today but with making money , are you going to believe in it? If the answer is no ( thank you for coming),  if the answer is yes ( welcome to the team).

MLM News: You  reached the maximum level in this company. What do you intend to do next?

Stavros Zinonos: This is very clear in my mind… to help people all around the world to do the same thing, doesn’t matter if they are in my team or not.

MLM News: A message for our website community?

Stavros Zinonos: Just keep to dream big and win bigger. Our biggest weapon to win  is the action we can take. Goals without action are just dreams 🙂 !

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