Interview with Dr. Ruja Ignatova, OneCoin Founder & Owner

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Interviu Onecoin v2MLM News has recently written about OneCoin, a company which offers cryptocurrency transactioning courses, but also the opportunity to invest in such a currency – OneCoin. We are talking about a newer domain, and, very interesting, network marketing has been chosen as distribution method. This is why we talked to the most suitable person to give us all the details, the founder of OneCoin.

To be more precise, we visited the company headquarters in Bulgaria and we offer you an interview with dr. Ruja Ignatova. You can find out inside it how OneCoin started, which are the disadvantages she identified and eliminated through the new currency, which is the added value it brings along, which are the risks and the benefits coming from enrolling in this system. Dr. Ruja Ignatova has an impressive resume and, as you will find out inside the interview, she used to work in Bucharest for some time, in a partnership with McKinsey&Co.

How did it all start? Of course, from an idea. Eventually, the founder found out that what was missing in the market in this industry was a currency available to everyone. Bitcoin is, in her opinion, accessible only to elites, whether to those having deep IT knowledge, or to those able to invest large sums

Find out more reading the interview below:

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Comentarii (17)

  1. Belinda

    This is really a great interview and if you watch this you will understand how real this is. See more here and sign up for a free account to look around the back office. You can become a member here also by purchasing a package for the OneAcademy and learn more about OneCoin and cryptocurrency, how to mine it and use the coins. Do it, you will not be sorry.

  2. Prashanta Ghosh

    I am very proud

  3. Abdul Samad

    Proud of you my owner and leader of Onecoin. I am sure that onecoin would change the face of world market.

  4. Won a car with Mary-Kay…back in the 1800’s, lol..and been enjoying this work
    ever since. This is the very best opportunity to help others we have ever seen.

    First off, want to send a HUGE shout out to the blogger who put there face on camera and did a live interview… Knew could just share opinions like everyone else but went directly to the source. PLEASE email me would love to sign up for your youtube channel and future blogs! Respect to bloggers like you 🙂

    Dr Ignatova, You conducted that Interview like a straight boss 🙂 I am very proud to be educated and having the knowledge in that brain of yours passed into mine 🙂

    I message after hearing the OneFoundation finish, im very interested to learn more… Ive been so busy with this havent got it off the ground but paperwork is all signed up and marketing has begun and pretty sure im the only car salesman in Canada who donates all there money earned from car sales to charity. (Charity of choice “Kids with Cancer”) I would love to introduce you to the team there.

    However, I type this as im just blessed to be given this opportunity OneCoin has already changed my life and im very excited for the future to come :)Through online opportunities i was able to do as i did above 🙂 But this opportunity will change my families families life 🙂

    Thanks Dr. Ignatova, A. Taking a risk! B. Being Smart C. So far, coming through on all said :). Look forward to the Future of OneCoin 🙂

    Ken Labine <— Add as friend 🙂

    • I just wanted to Thank Dr. Ruja for allowing the people of the world a chance to create Financial Freedom. Me myself, to be able to get paid telling as many as possible, Thank you. I hope I will be noticed as I believe in helping others, my pack w/God, is to help someone everyday, in exchange for two Miracles in my life, so I don’t have material means, not just yet, through the Teachings of OneCoin I know thats going to change. I like to someday get to Thank you personally. Off to Wake up America…

  6. 雨馨A

    Onecoin 一定能改写加密货币的历史!

  7. The interview with Dr. Ruja gave a very transparent look into the OneCoin beginning, how it is working currently and Dr.Ruja vision of OneCoin into future. Excellent interview.

  8. Прекрасна компания.Благодаря на д-р Р.Игнатова за невероятния печеливш бизнес .УСПЕХИ И МНОГО ЩАСТИЕ.

  9. Onecoin will be changed the face of world market.

  10. Gene Gustafson

    two words come to mind…PYRAMID…..PONZI,

  11. Jeff

    Gene Gustafson….define to me what a Ponzi scheme is??

  12. Onecoin is a classic ponzi scheme that is just about to collapse. It’s nothing more than a scam attracting people to invest huge amounts of money in return for some copyrighted material!

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