Edy Ardeleanu – Romanian MonaVie top leader interview

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lider monavieMlmNews wrote about Onyx Coale, one of the top leaders in the network marketing world. What is less known is that Onyx was in Romania at the invitation of Edy Ardeleanu, Emerald in MonaVie. In fact, Edy Ardeleanu is the one who made possible the opening of MonaVie market in Romania and MlmNews is happy to introduce him through the interview below:

MLM News: What is your story?

Edy Ardeleanu: First I want to greet the readers of your website and thank you in particular for what you do with professionalism , supporting the industry of network marketing.

My story is … a long history! The idea is that at the age of 25 I already had a classical business and at the time I thought that I would become a successful entrepreneur. But as the school does not teach anyone how to make money, it was a matter of a few years before I went into the first bankruptcy. Also at that time I first made ​​contact with a network marketing company, an insurance company, and liking the idea, realizing the potential of exponential growth, I joined confident, believing that in the shortest time I would become a young manager!

But 2-3 years after the disappearance of Caritas in Romania, people were associating network marketing with Ponzi schemes, and what I was trying to do was more than an ambition! There were three years of total failure. I said then that something like that is not for me …!

MLM News: What profession do you have?

Edy Ardeleanu: Let me tell you that it doesn’t matter the industry, or the profession, or social class you belong to, nor age, nor religion or political orientation!

The door is open to everyone who wants to live their life in a different density!

MLM News: How did you get involved in network marketing?

Edy Ardeleanu: Look how sponsoring of a future top leader happened! 🙂

It happened in January 2010 when I received a call from a former partner with whom I have not been talking for 10 years and he made me an invitation to a presentation that was about to take place over three days ! Because I was always open to new information, I recommended him to contact me on day 3 at 12 noon, so she did, very punctual. If she was late one minute, the meeting wouldn’t have been accepted! Of course, it was a network marketing company and I said yes to a few products!

MLM News: How did you realize that MLM industry is the solution for you?

Edy Ardeleanu: It happened during the economic crisis happening in the world, after my second bankruptcy. And as during the crisis, the large businesses become small and the  small ones disappear, I thought it was time for me to start something new!

If I had said yes to that company’s products and because I was living with the hope that I’ll wake up the next day and I find that I have emerged from the crisis, realizing that that won’t happen very soon, I decided to do the business! I studied the details about the company from official sources, realized is a good company with an experience of over 35 years in this industry, I had past experience and so having all the ingredients I began to work! I soon realized how this industry works and so I decided to prepare myself through intensive study daily and going to different workshops in order for me to bring my business to the level of excellence.

MLM News: Why MonaVie? What do you like about MonaVie?

Edy Ardeleanu: Why MonaVie? Because MonaVie values ​​the people! More than seven months I have been looking for the best MLM company in my view, studying and comparing different compensation plans, wanting the best for me in this industry. So I managed to find the company with which to lay the foundations of an empire!
MonaVie is the distributors company. MonaVie, in just 8 years, achieved what other companies in the industry achieved after 20 years! For over 8 years pays its distributors every week till the last $ cent.
I like to say that MonaVie has already the “world at her feet”!

MLM News: Where is your sponsor? You are the first person from Romania enrolled in MonaVie?

Edy Ardeleanu: Yes, I am the first person in Romania, I have direct sponsorship line in the U.S. and I am honored to be sponsored by a true titan of the industry, Brian McMullen.

Years ago, others have tried to develop this opportunity in our country, but unfortunately they failed and the reasons for their failure are many …!

You know, when a business idea comes to you, be sure that 99.99 % have had this idea and 95 % have tried to put it into practice. The difference between success and failure is the attitude, the determination, the passion and seriousness with which you grow that business!

MLM News: What it means to deal with a market opening, as you do so?

Edy Ardeleanu: First, you need courage. Then look for and find those people whom they trust themselves to join you, hard work, become a personal example for partners in your team and help them to understand that their life close to you will become more meaningful! In short: look for leaders or create leaders!

Now, after 1 year and a half, I can say that I have great support from MonaVie President for Eastern Europe, and that means a lot, together we will build a strong business in the Balkans!

MLM News: What was the biggest challenge of this prerelease?

Edy Ardeleanu: How MonaVie wasn’t officially opened, I along with my sponsor from that time I decided to enroll in the Polish network and then think about what followed … For a year, once a month I was driving 4.000 km Constanta – Warsaw / return, in a 14 year old van, to bring the products to the people because I promised so. It was a great price to be paid ​​to succeed and I was willing to pay it!

MLM News: How big is the MonaVie network in Romania?

Edy Ardeleanu: MonaVie network in Romania has just over 1.000 consumers. I had a very interesting development strategy that even many of my partners do not yet understand: business stability! MonaVie is a business that develops binary, Romania and I,  I’m developing on a single line to give strength to the network and working a lot in depth with determined people, avoiding currently to work front line and have volume, this is the mistake that many distributors in MLM binary do and on long term  this can have disastrous results. But how we humans think differently obviously we do things differently!

MLM News: What is the profile of your ideal partner?

Edy Ardeleanu: Loyal people! Loyalty, here is a word that weight! A loyal partner is the one that you can rely on anytime, be it economic crisis or not. A loyal partner is that one that no matter the circumstances, will not disappear, but on the contrary, will always be just a phone call away. So something like that is not easy to find, but once you have a team of loyal leaders, no one, absolutely no one will be able to shake your business.

MLM News: What will you answer to a person who says, ” Your proposal sounds interesting. But it will work for me, because I do not know too many people? ”

Edy Ardeleanu: Somehow you live on a desert island and I cannot figure it out?! 🙂


That’s exactly what I said the first time, but when I realized that in the beginning I just need two serious people, I realized I could do it! If I could, obviously you can, too!

MLM News: What was the key to success in your case?

Edy Ardeleanu: To be successful, you must be close to the action, to have the right attitude, be ready to work immediately and, if you have around you a team of great people plus a little chance until you become successful is only a matter of time. But this isn’t a standard recipe!

MLM News: Did you know personally Onyx Coale. How is she?

Edy Ardeleanu: When I was convinced that MonaVie is the best company for me and the Romanians, the next step was to find a sponsor. I knew my level of training, I knew my goals, I knew what I want for my future and my children, so I needed the best sponsor. God gave me this chance and one day on May 21, 2012 an “angel ” answered me: it was Onyx Coale!

She asked me for a business plan and as I had a good plan, when she saw it, she decided to be my direct sponsor!

I knew her personally after three months after I started the business, Onyx coming for the first time in Romania in Constanta, and so I had the chance to be with her for 5 days!

How is Onyx? She is magnificent, the embodiment of all qualities!

MLM News: What impressed you most about her?

Edy Ardeleanu: Asked by a distributor when she will reach Imperial Black Diamond, she said: this is just another title, my goal is to help you and many others who really need my help!
Onyx does not build the business for the money, she does it with sincere passion, from heart to heart, and people feel it, so they join her knowing from the first moment that near her side they will become free people!

MLM News: What is the most important thing you learned from Onyx?

Edy Ardeleanu: Actually, there are two things that remained well etched in my mind:

The more successful you’ll become, the more people from outside or inside the business will try to “knock you down”, but all you have to do is to go ahead!

Remember, help as many people as you can in your down line to achieve their goals and only then you will earn the maximum from your business.

MLM News: A message for the MlmNews community?

Edy Ardeleanu: The fact that we can understand it or not, the reality is that the direct selling industry operates from over 100 years and we have to realize that the global economic crisis has created some niche markets, this period being the most conducive for starting a network marketing business. It is important in life to have a plan B!

But if you start such a business in order to make big money fast and without putting passion and without having a positive attitude, give up, it will be just a waste of time! Another reason why many are disappointed about network marketing is because they haven’t become millionaire in a few months! They really do not trust what they, do not consume products from their business and so they lose the general idea of the industry!

You know what? It’s like being a Renault dealer and you promote Mercedes. Doing so you loose your credibility!

And in the end it is good to note: dig your well before you are thirsty!

Good luck to all!

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