Aaron Palmer – Interview with Rain International General Manager for Europe

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Mlm News has a special guest, Aaron Palmer, the one who runs Rain International european operations. Aaron Palmer has extensive previous corporate and military experience and we just want to mention here that he has introduced two network marketing giants to the EU and Switzerland in his career.

MLM News: Let’t start with a short presentation of yourself and, of course, of your company. We’d  like to find out especially why –  the industry of network marketing and why – Rain International.

Aaron Palmer: I’m Aaron Palmer and I am the General Manager for Europe, for Rain International.  I’ve been affiliated with the network marketing industry in some fashion since I was 17 years old—I’m now 40!  When I was still completing my studies in High School, I worked after school in my grandfather’s company’s production facility, making tablets and capsules comprised of all-natural herbs and vitamin supplements.  Later, with a university background in International Relations and extensive overseas work experience and study, I began work for one of the large network marketing companies startups in the 1990’s, and was instrumental in bringing their products and company to the western EU markets, and then later to the central/eastern EU markets and Balkan countries.  I moved my family to Budapest Hungary and set up their operations in this region of the world.  BY the time that assignment was finished and I was due to return to the US with my family from Hungary, I was simply hooked on living and working here!  I love the freedom that is inherent in network marketing—the ability for someone to truly be able to create their own future free of the roadblocks that traditional workplaces and economies can place on people.  I love the idea that in network marketing, ANYONE, with hard work and a desire to succeed, can achieve wealth and financial independence.  For me, that’s the definition of freedom—the ability to create your own future, dependent entirely on the effort you put in.  I love partnering with people and bringing them that opportunity via Network Marketing.

I love Rain International first for the unique concept of its main health focus and study (the science of seed-based health products) and second and just as important, the idea that we could create a truly innovative company that not only blesses people’s health and financial futures, but would start HERE in this region of the world that I truly consider my home.

MLM News: What is special about your product? Tell us something about its scientific base.

Aaron Palmer: It is simple and elegant in the explanation, but truly remarkable for the scientific research that has gone into it.  Basically, the SEED is the source of the strong nutritional content of fruits and vegetables, and when you can find a way to extract those benefits from the seed (up to 20x more concentrated than that found in the fruit and rind) and make them more readily available for the body to use, then what you can create is a product that can provide fantastic benefits to the body.

MLM News: The strongest growing markets continue to be in Central and Eastern Europe. Since the fall of the wall in the early 1990s, the markets in Central and Eastern Europe have grown phenomenally. The quick and easy access to top-quality Western products, combined with a drive to create individual wealth, has been the key reason for this growth. – says Maurits Bruggink, the Executive Director of Seldia, the European Direct Selling Association.

Is this the reason why Rain International settled its headquarters in Eastern Europe? Why did you launch your business in Europe from the East? And, especially why from Romania? We don’t know a similar launching in Europe and a similar opportunity for Romania.

Aaron Palmer: This quote from Mr. Bruggink is remarkably cogent.  We started here because of the great affinity that my partner (our company’s president) Byron Belka and I have for this area of Europe.  I was in my final year of High School in 1989 when the Berlin Wall fell, and as a student intensely interested in politics and international relations, I truly marveled at the unfolding drama on television and in the newspapers of people truly throwing off the shackles of communism and taking those steps into a new future that included freedom and the challenges and responsibilities that came with it.  IT wasn’t easy or perfect or an overnight success for Romanians or Hungarians or Poles or Czechs, and like any transition, there have been difficulties, but watching these countries embrace the times and handle the difficulties that followed was inspiring.  I lived, worked and studied in Budapest afterward through 1993, and met my wife there, and I’ve had a front row seat to all of those changes and developments.  When I really began mt career in network marketing I naturally gravitated to this area, found my successes here and frankly happiness in watching people transform their lives through network marketing, so when the opportunity arose to work with a new company that gave us the opportunity to develop this area first (with all of the benefits that go along with being the first to market) I jumped at the chance and got here as quickly as I could.  I had obligations to another company in Switzerland, where I was living and working with my family, and I gladly left that lafe to come back to central/eastern Europe to embrace Rain.  I’m incredibly lucky and honored to be here.

MLM News: How do you find Romanian distributors? Are they different? Do you have any recomandation for them as a veteran in this industry?

Aaron Palmer: We, as the corporate team for Rain, work our hardest at presenting the possibilities and benefits of our company and product to as many people as we can, but the growth and successes of network marketing come from successful leaders sharing the vision and message with other partners, creating a strong network of personal reationships and shared training and growth.  So naturally we look for strong leaders to help create and train strong leaders.  And we have some here in Romania, and it is through their efforts, with the company’s support and overall vision, that we’ll continue to grow and strengthen in Romania.  I find Romanians so hard-working, so HUNGRY for success and driven to make their lives better.  That stands out for me.  A people used to overcoming obstacles, be they political barriers or bureaucratic ones, doso well in this business, because they have learned not to let difficulty get in their way.  I tip my hat to the work ethic here.

MLM News: What is the strongest growing Rain market in the world?

Aaron Palmer: As the GM of our Europe operations and a resident of the area, naturally I want to say Central/eastern Europe.  But honestly we are growing well in all markets, and doing very strongly in SE Asia as well.  But I am thrilled knowing that when we explode and become that billion dollar company, our top leaders will have originated from and come from here.  THAT gets me up in the morning!

MLM News: What are your developing plans?

Aaron Palmer: To build here, develop our markets in Romania, Hungary, Serbia, the Ukraine, and then from a solid stable position of strength exapand to Western Europe.  We’ve just only recently started “pre-launch” operations in Germany and the UK, and with the extensive network of relationships that Romanians have in other countries, they stand to really, really benefit by being first to market.

MLM News: When do you intend to introduce new products?

Aaron Palmer:  We have some new ideas in the works.  This doesn’t happen overnight as we will take our time and get the science right.  IT is so much more than just throwing together a product made from seeds.  The science behind SOUL, our flagship product, was decades in the making!  We obviously have a proactive timetable, and are continually working on our next big product.  Which will be huge.  But I can’t spill the secret right now J.

MLM News: We have read that Ervin Katona, the worlds strongest man, had joined Rain. Do you mean he had joined Rain as a distributor?

Aaron Palmer: That’s correct.  Erwin joined our team in from his home in the Voivodina area of Serbia.  He loves the energy and powerful nutritional punch SOUL provides, and recommends it to his partners via his state of the art gym in Subotica and in his trainings and competitions.  He is a Rain Distributor with great sponsors and upline support!

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