The Levolution has begun in Cluj. Discover the first Levilon leaders

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levFancy Levilon launch event in Romania, the first company that distributes electronic cigarettes in network marketing system. While most companies choose to place their headquarters in Bucharest, Levilon chose Cluj. Also in Cluj took place the launch event, organized Sunday, May, 31, at Grand Italia Hotel, only three months after the prelaunch.

Several guests from Germany, Belgium and Netherlands took part at the event. Here are some Senior Elite Consultant level persons: Marco Holzel (Germany), Antje Hobbie (Germany), Nick Riguel (Belgium) and Csaba Szekely, from Romania, “an MLM inveterate”, as he described himself in the discourse held on Sunday, active in network marketing since 1994. Anne Delis (The Netherlands) – Team Leader level, and also Jurgen Lehmann, Uta Link and Rolf Kuhlmann (Germany) – Supervisor level were present, too.

Romania is the fifth officially market opened by Levilon, with Germany coming up next, in a similar event due to take place on June, 27. If you are curious why Romania is among the first markets opened by Levilon, the answer came frodirectorilevm the CEO, Nawid Habib, both in the discourse held during the event, and in one of our previous posts: Romania is in the Top 30 countries with most numerous smokers in the world and, at the same time, #8 in top direct selling countries in Europe.

Nawid Habib pointed out, too, some innovative things Levilon brings in the compensation plan for the independent partners, among which, for example, implementing a network marketing retiring programme and the support offered by the company, for a year, through free opportunity presentation and educational events .

The Global Manager, Alexander Martinovic, brought out the promotions of the company for this season, one of them aiming startup investment packages for reaching Diamond levels with founders benefits materialized in percentages from their activity in Romania.

Besides Csaba Szekely, there were also local leaders with discourses in the First Sunday organized by Levilon  – Valentin Oanţo and Codruţa Vlaşin.

Let us introduce Codruţa Vlaşin, below (the footage, though not of an exquisite quality, is taken during the event and we are glad to offer it to you):

Extremely interesting, if usually the local leaders are the ones who bring the network marketing opportunities in cimbalaSONY DSCRomania, in this case things happened differently. In other words, Levilon started in Romania through some European MLM leaders with Romanian origins: Frank Verhoogen, who lives in Belgium, and brothers Iulian and Andreea Cimbala, who used to live in Italy, and, recently, in the Netherlands.

The event special guest, Igor Alberts, has 10 children and he is a veteran in the network marketing industry, with a 27 years experience and top career levels reached in several companies, among which Amway and Organo Gold. Even if his route in some companies could raise some critics, his results, no matter what the company he was partner with, are undoubtedly, Alberts being renowned as a master of duplication.

MLM News recorded and presents you a videoclip with Igor Alberts, who, in a couple of minutes, speaks about one of the secrets which brought him success. Former K1 fighter, he is fearless, so his advice is: Have no fear!

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