Levilon, officially in Romania! Company’s mission: a better tomorrow than today!

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LevilonWe have already mentioned, in an earlier post, about the pre-launch on the Romanian market of a Network Marketing company that has as main product the “e-cig” (electronic cigarette). Meanwhile, Levilon has officially launched its branch in our country, Cluj-Napoca based, and will celebrate this through an important event which will take place at the beginning of June.

MLM talked to Nawid Habib, Executive Director, Levilon B.V. and here are the details:

MLM News: Tell us, please, something about Levilon. What is your vision?

Nawid Habib, Executive Director, Levilon B.V.: Levilon’s responsibility is to continually improve environmental, societal and economic aspects in which it operates, thus creating a better tomorrow than today! Our vision is put into practice through our unique product and our one of a kind bonus system ‘The Trident Compensation Plan’.

For the first time in the history of network marketing, a company has stepped in the biggest industry in the world. Levilon is going to take her share in a market worth over $720.000.000.000 ($720 billion). According to Forbes and Bloomberg Industries, the sales of e-cigs will pass the sales of traditional cigarettes by the year 2047. At this moment, the electronic cigarette is the fastest growing consumable product on the planet!Levolution

Levilon endeavours to make the Levilon e-cig a logic alternative to tobacco. We will always strive to help our users and our affiliate partners to achieve their most ambitious marketing goals and strategic sales objectives; hence they can not only enjoy the Levilon lifestyle, as we call it ‘The Levolution’, but also earn an extra income or become the next top earner in our company or even the next top earner in the MLM industry, simply by promoting our product via the concept ‘share it and they will like it’.

We are a Dutch company with our headquarters based in Rotterdam. Levilon was established in the year 2013 and has made a tremendous growth since then. On the 7th of April 2015, we managed to officially register Levilon in Romania. With Romania joining the Levilon family, we are now officially active in five countries, namely: the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Serbia and Romania.

MLM News: Why Romania? Which are your expectations regarding the Romanian market?

Nawid Habib: In Romania, Levilon is established in Cluj-Napoca. In the last two weeks, a lot of big leaders from the MLM industry have joined ‘The Levolution’. At the moment, there are business opportunity meetings in several magnificent cities throughout the country, namely: Oradea, Cluj-Napoca, Brasov, Bucharest, Craiova, Constanța and many more to come in the near future.

As Romania belongs to the top 30 biggest smoking countries in the world, but also number 8 in the top direct selling countries of Europe, Romania is a country full of opportunities and therefore a logical choice for Levilon to expand to. As far as our knowledge goes, we are one of the first companies to have opened Romania as a place of business in such an early stage. This gives our Romanian Affiliate Partners an amazing opportunity to expand their network to other countries in Europe and around the world.

MLM News: What can the Levilon Affiliate Partners in Romania expect from you?

Nawid Habib: Levilon truly believes in education, community building, support and the best possible security in business for our Affiliate Partners. As a result, Levilon Corporate has decided to provide several important tools to all Affiliate Partners:

–          A safe, innovative and high quality product in a market worth over $720 billion;

–          A one of a kind ‘Trident Compensation Plan’ with altogether a record of 16 bonuses and commissions which cover each aspect wherefore our Affiliate Partners must be rewarded;

–          For the first year of business, Levilon will pay for all trainings, seminars, webinars, Royal Business Events via the Levilon Business University;

–           For the first year, Levilon will pay all Community Building Events and Support Groups;

–          Levilon will provide the best possible protection in business via its unique ‘Bill of Rights’ and the ‘Levilon Affiliate Partners Counsel’;

–          Levilon will officially open countries for our Affiliate Partners and much more!

MLM News: What is your expansion strategy in Europe?

Nawid Habib: Levilon is going to expand in rapid pace. After Romania the following countries are on the soon to open list: Hungary, Italy, Poland, France, Spain, Greece, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Portugal.

In such an early stage, already many of our Levilon Affiliate Partners have created a huge network of users and it has changed their lives in a wonderful way. We truly want to ensure that Levilon and its members will have major profits on a short and long term basis. ‘Creating a better tomorrow than today’, is the motto we live by. Therefore, we encourage everyone to seize this one of a kind life-changing opportunity!

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